We have had the privilege of speaking to decision-makers and practitioners across more than a dozen countries, including the recent events below.

Presentations and keynotes:

  • Innovative Learning Environments. Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum. Washington, D.C. (2011)
  • Policy Responses to Increasing School Diversity. Saint Petersburg, Russia (2011)
  • Curriculum Innovation and Reform: Policies and Practices. Thessaloniki, Greece (2010)
  • Changing World, Changing Classrooms: Teacher Education for Diversity. Oulu, Finland (2010)
  • Systemic Innovation in Vocational Education & Training. Gothenberg, Sweden (2009)


  • Global competence capacity-building. Hong Kong (2015)
  • Developmental education redesign. Salem, Oregon (2014)
  • Workplace competency and leadership. Dhaka, Bangladesh (2012)
  • Fostering positive school climate. New Delhi, India (2012)
  • Teaching practices for diverse classrooms. Brussels, Belgium (2010)

Symposia (organized and/or moderated):

  • Core to College Learning Network Convening. Nashville, Tennessee (2014)
  • Benchmarking Readiness Standards. Southern Regional Education Board. Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
  • International Conference on Innovative Learning Environments. Banff, Alberta, Canada (2011)
  • Learning in the 21st Century: Research, Innovation & Practice. Paris, France (2008)
Vanessa’s Keynote At The International Conference Diversity As An Opportunity In Modern Schools, St. Petersburg, Russia
Vanessa’s keynote at the international conference Diversity as an Opportunity in Modern Schools, St. Petersburg, Russia
Vanessa With Rising Executive Participants Of The Pilot Workplace Competency And Leadership Program, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Vanessa with rising executive participants of the pilot Workplace Competency and Leadership program, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Participant Discussion At The International Conference On Innovative Learning Environments In Banff
Participant discussion at the International Conference on Innovative Learning Environments in Banff